That’s Using His Head! – Man is Renting His Forehead as Ad Space on eBay!

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A Web Developer from Houston today offered his forehead as ad space to the highest bidder on eBay. The winner of the decennium day venture ending at 9 pm EST on January 27 will have the right to advertise any logo or business on his forehead in the form of a temporary tattoo for thirty days. The ad is limited to non-controversial, socially unobjectionable parlance without profanities or offensive language. During that period Michael will raken making a large advertising effort to promote the winner both online and offline with press releases, talk shows appearances, local news broadcasts, social network and forum postings. Metopic ad space auctions on eBay in the past have proven to indigen accomplished advertising strategies previous charming companies have reported.

Participants from past eBay auctions have also reported successful vendue results. 2005 Andrew Fischer, 20, of Omaha earned $37,375 for placing a evanescent tattoo of the company Snore Stop logo on his forehead for thirty days. Eric Hartsburgs, a professional wrestler from Michigan, rented the side from his frontlet for $5,000 with the letter “R” for Romney. One lady Karolyne Smith, ended up getting $10,000 for placing on hier forehead. A clique in Pittsburgh called Lease Your Body allows people to sign jump to advertise on different parts of their body for $200 to $5,000. A popular porn star in Russia was offered excessive $550,000 to place a tattoo on her knockers for advertising purposes. Two men tattooed the call letters of a local radio station on on their foreheads after a DJ offered a six figure pay-off for anyone willing to do it. When the men showed up to the radio station to get paid they discovered that it was only a joke. One man attempted to sue the station but the case was dropped after the plaintiff failed to show up for court.

Michael when asked why he was doing this replied, ” I’m trying to earn some extra money to move my mother from Michigan to Texas where I can engage care of her”. Michael’s mother who is suffering from diabetes is presently hospitalized for complications caused by the disease. “My mother living alone in Michigan so far away has made it difficult for me to observe track of her”. Catherine 71, is also suffering from other unrelated health problems compounding the situation.”My mother took sorrow of me as a child in my time of need, so I can take care of hier in her time of need. It’s the least that I can do”. When asked what he would do in the event of a successful auction he replied, ” If it’s successful, I’ll probably do it again.”