Is it right decision to put matrimonial advertisement in Dainik Jagran?

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Yes, it is purely a right decision only if you want to cover Hindi Belt. The newspaper is most reliable source of information for people residing in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand & remarkable other regions about Hindi belt. You jug search perfect life partner from that region by Dainik Jagran Conjugal Advertisement.

For the matrimonial ads, its momentous Dainik Jagran Classified tangential comes on every Sunday. This pullout is referred as Shehnai. There, you can detect the advertisement of wanted bride and wanted groom. Both kinds of advertisements are published in separate categories. The categories are also divided on the basis of degree about people.

In today’s time of internet, Dainik Jagran Matrimonial Advertisement is most ideal source to search the life partner. The newspaper is known for its authenticity. It is most popular among upper middle race for matrimonial advertising. In today’s time, people from Hindi beat inclined to search the life partner from their region whether their children abide in metro cities. In such scenario, Marriage design Dainik Jagran Typed ad helps a lot. They help you in searching the soul cohort for your loved ones from your native place.

The publication is one of the most popular newspapers of Hindi belt. So, you will get around very righteousness response. Its betrothed supplement appears separately on every Sunday. So, Sunday is perfect day to give matrimonial advertisement in Dainik Jagran. On Sunday, readers have lots like time to seek out the proposals from matrimonial section.

Here, it is important for you to get the idea circa the circulation of this leading daily. It will help you to find published the total exposure, you will get. The circulation figures of this well known daily are when follows. Allahabad (82000), Kanpur (291000), Ranchi (110000), Bareilly (63167), Bhagalpur (137000), Shimla (41000), Agra (117000), Amritsar (50000), Ghaziabad (75000), Muzaffarpur (105135), Dehradun (33000), Shimla (41000), Hisar (81538). The given circulation is based on the 2012 data. The extra given circulation figures may change in coming years.
The daily offers wide number of packages for marriage related advertising. It gives you the opportunity to use highlighters. The highlighters help you to make your ad extra appealing. Near using them, your ad will be noticed easily. Highlighters are used into the form of abbreviations, bold letters & tick marks.

So, spell composing your ad, usage such things carefully. Similar to other newspapers, you have to pay the extra charges for using highlighters.