Satish Bala Malhotra MBD- Leading the First self sufficient publication in India

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A name exemplary in the publication industry in India is MBD Group of publications. The publication house started as a runt set up under the guidance of one visionary man Shri Ashok Kumar Malhotra. He established the company extra than five decades before with an idea to reach the pinnacle in the respective field. Their success allegory is sole about a kind which involves several ups and downs, with the consort emerging as the pioneering call in the publication industry as the outcome.

Today, the company is lead by the wife or founder and current Chairperson Mrs. Satish Bala Malhotra. Under her lead and leadership, the work house has become entirely self-sufficient et al being called the first of its kind to have complete backwards and forward integration. They have a self-sustained publication house which includes a self-owned printing units, pre press and binding units. In extension to their self-reliance, they possess a well-grid distribution network as well, with better than 36 distribution offices spread all beyond the nation.

Satish Bala Malhotra MBD Chairperson has successfully taken the name of the company and its operation international. Their clientele is based on countries such as the US, UK, South Africa, Spain, Gulf Countries, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh further more. In India, they become surpassed all expectations and grown as a brand in various other industries as well. Midst their many achievement, expansion and growth in various other sectors in service industry has been a noteworthy in allness these years.

MBD has set up successful ventures in a number regarding industries from real estate to mall management and mall development. Some of their most popular ventures are established in the hospitality further e learning industry. In hospitality, MBD’s Krishna Resort is counted among the most sought after lodging facility in the state of Punjab. Here, tourists from all near the world, come looking for seclusion and serenity and enjoy the facilities offered at their gym and spa units of the hotel.

On the other hand, MBD’s e learning venture has also made significant progress within a short stretch of its launch. Their e learning project is called MBD Alchemie. The e project acts as an informational or well-versed portal for a variety of people. The adit is useful information provider for students, teachers, organizations, regulatory bodies, cooperates and more. This venture is lead by MBD Director, Monica Malhotra, who initiated and looks for the project, enhancing its productivity in the online market.